Our Team


Operational Leadership

David Soos, District Manager
Sue Brown, District Manager

Marketing & Brand Development

Amy Houston, Director of Marketing

Kamber Wagner, Creative Marketing Manager


Financial Services & Information Technology

Mike King, Director of Information Technology

Thomas Carter, Systems Administrator
Paige Anthony, Accountant
Tracy Xiong, Accounts Payable Specialist
Stacie Roggie, Revenue Management
Angela Sahr, Payroll Manager

Justin Arends, Controller


Culinary & Beverage Innovation

John Kain, Executive Chef- Venue
Jonathan Newman, Executive Chef- Restaurant
Thomas Sandborgh, Executive Chef- Hotel
Mark Clough, Beverage Specialist

Employee Engagement & Human Resources

Robin McDonough, HR Business Partner – Restaurants & Venues
Laura Eckman, Human Resources Information Systems Manager
Meggan Reinoso, HR Business Partner – Talent
Sinjin Foutz, HR Business Partner - Hotels

Administration & Procurement Support

Nate Thompson, eProcurement Manager and Group Purchasing Specialist

Janis Reidlinger, Administrative Services Manager