Our Values

Today, Morrissey Hospitality is a family of entrepreneurs and innovators with Midwestern values and a global mindset. We bring our core values to every brand, every partnership and every community we serve.

Operate with Excellence:

Morrissey Hospitality owns and manages a portfolio of trusted brands by surpassing expectations and delivering consistent, impressive results. Our team of hospitality-driven professionals focuses on overall operational excellence to drive performance, create brand loyalty, ensure longevity and increase revenue.

Innovate with Intention:

Morrissey Hospitality is a family of brands built on trust and tradition. But that doesn’t mean we’re getting stale. Our hospitality, culinary and services teams innovate with intention, not experiment with abandon. We adapt trends and fads to our long-view goals, adopting what is great and leaving the rest. By putting innovation and experience at our core, Morrissey Hospitality builds concepts that are compelling, creative and unique.

Put people first:

We believe that connection is the key to success in our industry. Our hospitality teams provide exceptional experiences and make meaningful memories for our guests. Our human resource experts empower our employees with education and opportunity. Each of our unique concepts enriches our communities by creating warm, inviting gathering spaces and giving back to local causes. And, we support our partners by providing thoughtful, experienced management and consistently surpassing mutual goals.

Exceed expectations:

Our teams of hospitality-driven professionals aim to exceed expectations in every aspect of your business. From employee retention and guest satisfaction, to strategy and systems analysis, to innovative cuisine, to business projections and growth, Morrissey Hospitality delivers on our promises. We rely on our deep experience in hospitality and our commitment to excellence to deliver exceptional results and exceed expectations for our guests, our clients and our communities.

Care for our communities:

At Morrissey Hospitality, we believe in making a difference. Altruism, philanthropy and community are founding principles of Morrissey Hospitality, and we see intrinsic value in connection with our communities. By getting involved in, and getting to know, the communities we serve, Morrissey Hospitality concepts foster relationships, build trust and make positive change within our communities.

Community Connection:

Morrissey Hospitality’s partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of the Twin Cities exemplifies our commitment to the communities we serve.

Start the Conversation

Morrissey Hospitality brings passion, pride and experience to all of our projects and partnerships. Our leadership team is always looking to collaborate with new potential partners in the Midwest markets and around the country.