Exceptional. Every time.
Exceptional. Every time.
Exceptional. Every time.
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Hospitality Management Company Saint Paul, MN


At Morrissey Hospitality, we are inspired by connection. We build genuine, authentic relationships with our guests, our employees and our partners, and provide memorable moments, exceptional experiences and operational excellence.

Family-owned Morrissey Hospitality creates independent, long-standing restaurant, hotel and event venues in the Midwest and around the country. Creating connections, driving results and exceeding expectations are at the heart of our business model, and we have an impressive record of delivering consistent results and reaching shared goals.

Our leadership intrinsically understands the communities we serve and aims to build hospitality concepts that are trusted and revered by community members and visitors alike. With over 25 years of experience, our hospitality teams anticipate the needs of our communities and desires of our destination travelers to create iconic, well respected restaurants, hotels and event centers.


Our hotels offer genuine hospitality, thoughtful service and exceptional experiences for every guest.


Morrissey Hospitality creates intentional, innovative restaurant concepts that are as unique as the communities we serve.


From sports arenas and golf courses, to formal event centers and retail marketplaces, Morrissey Hospitality builds spaces that connect communities and create lasting memories.

Our Hospitality And Management Services

Morrissey Hospitality offers clients a myriad of hospitality services to hotel and resort, restaurant and event center owners and operators. With genuine connection, memorable, inviting places and operational excellence at our core, our family of hospitality-driven professionals work tirelessly to deliver exceptional experiences and impressive results.

Morrissey Hospitality offers services in:

  • Operations Management
  • Marketing & Activations
  • Concepting & Brand Development
  • Financial Services & Information Technology
  • Culinary & Beverage Innovation
  • Employee Engagement & Human Resources
  • Procurement Support