Hospitality And Restaurant Management In The Twin Cities

With decades of experience in hospitality and restaurant management in the Twin Cities, Morrissey Hospitality’s expert team of hospitality professionals knows what it takes to focus on daily operations to ensure the best experience in operations and guest services.

For restaurants that are up and running but looking to improve operations, Morrissey Hospitality offers streamlined revenue management and financial reporting. We also provide processes for making necessary adjustments according to the market.

For new businesses looking to partner with a hospitality and restaurant management company in Minneapolis, Morrissey Hospitality provides concept development services that include market research, formulation of a target audience, and market position based on feedback from the community.

Hospitality Business management in the Twin Cities

We Take Care of Everything for You

At Morrissey Hospitality, we coordinate everything from interior design to food and beverage program development. Whether you are going for upscale fine dining or a more comfortable, casual concept, Morrissey Hospitality will take the necessary steps to achieve top profits.

The culinary and beverage professionals at Morrissey Hospitality are experts at designing food and beverage programs with your guests in mind. With a range of menu styles based on local ingredients and tradition, our goals are efficiency, consistency, and profitability. Our programs are aimed at keeping up with current trends while staying in line with tried-and-true traditions.

If you would like to find out more about Morrissey Hospitality’s hospitality hotel and restaurant management services, you have come to the right place. Give us a call today at 651-221-0815 or send us an email at Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is available to answer all of your questions about hospitality hotel and restaurant management in the Twin Cities.

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Morrissey Hospitality brings passion, pride and experience to all of our projects and partnerships. Our leadership team is always looking to collaborate with new potential partners in the Midwest markets and around the country.