Level Up Your Culinary Career at Morrissey Hospitality

Updated: November 23

Despite plenty of openings and opportunities in kitchens across the country, finding a company that encourages your culinary career aspirations can be tough. With persistent labor shortages, many organizations are hastily hiring for hands instead of considering quality culinary candidates or building career paths for those with less experience.

Morrissey Hospitality does things differently. For nearly 30 years, we have created dynamic, collaborative culinary teams across our restaurants, hotels, and event centers. Our kitchens are team-oriented and inclusive, and we offer on-the-job mentorship, continued educational opportunities, and leadership development to help our team members reach their full potential.  Many Morrissey kitchen managers are promoted from within.

Whether you are an aspiring chef or accomplished in your culinary career, you can find your fit at Morrissey Hospitality. Develop your skills, advance your career, and follow your passion on one of our talented teams.

The Morrissey Culinary Career Roadmap

At Morrissey Hospitality, we meet you wherever you are in your culinary career. Each position in a Morrissey Hospitality kitchen is an integral part of our teams’ continued success.

Utility Cook:

Utility Cooks are the cornerstones of our kitchens. As a utility cook at Morrissey Hospitality, you will build the foundation of your culinary career — learning preparation and production skills, organizational efficiency, effective communication, kitchen cleanliness, and more.

Prep Cook:

As a Prep, aka “Prepare” Cook, you’ll do just that — prepare the ingredients that will be turned into delicious dishes by your teammates. You’ll work with fresh ingredients and state-of-the-art equipment and learn classic techniques and quality standards.

Line Cook:

Put your skills into practice as a Line Cook. Master precise, from-scratch recipes and proper cooking techniques, and ensure quality standards with pride, passion and heart. Work collaboratively alongside your chefs to create delicious dishes.

Lead Line Cook:

Take a move toward management with a role as a Lead Line Cook. Assist in coordinating daily culinary operations, including staff training and supervision, preparedness and execution through set-up, service and clean-up. 

Sous Chef:

As a Morrissey Sous Chef, you will supervise and manage your culinary team. Working side-by-side with culinary leadership, you will lead, train, and mentor your staff to maintain culinary standards and company culture.

Pastry Chef:

Create crowd-pleasing and consistent pastries, desserts, breads, and baked goods as a Pastry Chef. Manage, motivate, and mentor kitchen staff while upholding exacting quality standards and driving team creativity.

Executive Sous Chef:

As an Executive Sous Chef, you’ll work collaboratively with the Executive Chef to manage all aspects of the kitchen team. Drive culinary excellence, develop culinary team members, and ensure flawless menu execution.

Executive Chef:

Responsible for leading teams of culinary professionals, Executive Chefs manage all culinary operations to obtain optimum quality, efficiency, and profitability. Train and mentor your kitchen staff to grow their culinary careers, and ensure staff success.

Make Morrissey Hospitality Your Culinary Home

If you have been looking for a hospitality company that fosters growth, encourages advancement and supports aspiring culinary professionals, look no further than the kitchens of Morrissey Hospitality. With Morrissey, you are getting more than another job — you are gaining a culinary career.

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