Why Is Sustainability Important In The Hospitality Industry?

Updated: November 23

As environmental issues continue to make headlines, the hospitality management industry in the Twin Cities and throughout the country is shifting toward more sustainable practices. This shift to sustainability is not simply focused on catering to more conscientious guests and travelers, but also on helping the industry save money, reduce waste and lessen its environmental impact.

Companies that specialize in hospitality management services are prioritizing sustainability — both in today’s decision-making and tomorrow’s management practices. Boutique hotels, family-focused hotels, and international chains alike are working to position themselves as environmentally responsible places to support in order to attract guests of younger generations.

What Does Sustainability in Hospitality Look Like?

There are all kinds of sustainability programs that can be implemented throughout all levels of your organization. And, many of these programs are affordable to establish, easy to implement, and simple to scale —- making them wonderful options for hospitality management companies in the Twin Cities. 

One of the simplest sustainability policies to implement is a company-wide recycling program. This program can extend to every area of your business — from the kitchens to the guest rooms and everywhere in between. Putting a simple and visible recycling program into place can significantly reduce traditional waste and communicate your company’s commitment to sustainability.

Another sustainability option for companies specializing in hospitality management in the Twin Cities is to purchase from suppliers and vendors who are focused on more sustainable services and products. There are several of these “green” companies in Minneapolis and St. Paul, and switching to these providers allows you to take advantage of their greener options for your business. 

Businesses in the hospitality management industry in the Twin Cities must embrace change, and focus on real, impactful sustainability practices and policies in order to stay relevant and appeal to guests in an ever-more competitive market.

For more information on how you make your hospitality company more sustainable, contact Morrissey Hospitality at 651.221.0815.

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