The 7 Sectors Of The Hospitality Industry

Updated: November 23

As a leader in the hospitality management industry in the Twin Cities, Morrissey Hospitality works with restaurants, hotels, and event venues throughout the Midwest as well as across the United States.

We focus on all seven sectors of the hospitality industry, which allows us to provide comprehensive services that drive results and help each company/location to reach their goals faster and more effectively. With our customized solutions, we focus on the following seven sectors for hospitality and tourism:

●  Accommodation: Providing high quality accommodation is a central part of the hospitality management industry. Giving guests memorable experiences with thoughtful amenities and genuine hospitality is the best way to build a solid reputation, repeat business, and bigger profits.

●  Travel Services: Travel services are essential to getting guests to where they need to go. Easy accessibility to an airport and public transportation, as well as rideshare companies and taxis, are all critical considerations in hospitality.

●  Conferences: Conferences — from guest accommodations, travel services, and other sectors — are enormous profit centers in hospitality. They bring in guests and revenue and create opportunities for repeat and referral customers.

●  Events: Events of all kinds bring in tourists, and their dollars. The Twin Cities’ rich cultural, sports, and historical activities help boost local tourism, and as more special events come back to the Twin Cities, the more opportunities hospitality management companies have to capitalize on event-related tourism. 

●  Attractions: Building attractions and enhancing existing and natural features can help to drive tourism. Theme parks, national parks, shopping malls, or other large attractions add to the tourism revenue stream.

●  Tourism Services: Connecting guests with local tourism professionals and services can grow your business network, boost guest satisfaction, and grow profits. Consider connecting guests with guided trips, travel agents, wilderness experts, or sport instructors for their visit.

●  Tourism Boards – Tourism boards are vital to planning and creating marketing opportunities for the tourism and hospitality sector. These boards are often filled by well-connected or wealthy locals, so aligning your business with the local community is key for consistent success in the hospitality management industry.

To learn more about how each of these facets can affect your business, and the hospitality management industry in general, call Morrissey Hospitality today at 651-221-0815.

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