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At Morrissey Hospitality, we believe long-term success is built upon connection. Family-owned, Morrissey Hospitality creates warm, inviting spaces and genuine, thoughtful hospitality to hotelsbusiness, restaurants and event venues. By forging strong relationships with our clients, customers and communities, we consistently deliver desired results, build brand loyalty and provide remarkable, memorable experiences.

With over 25 years of experience in hospitality, Morrissey Hospitality helps hotel, restaurant and venue clients build their brands, give their customers meaningful, memorable experiences, and exceed business goals. Morrissey Hospitality is composed of driven, diverse, hospitality-focused professionals. We are a family of entrepreneurs and innovators, professionals in hospitality leadership, management, marketing, culinary and beverage and experts in finance, logistics, design, branding and concepting.

Our Process

Morrissey Hospitality’s proven leadership is built from over 25 years’ experience. Our time-tested partnership process is based on shared values, mutual respect and common business goals. At Morrissey Hospitality, we believe that the power of human connection is at the heart of hospitality.


​We believe that every great hospitality concept is built on authentic relationships. Morrissey Hospitality builds genuine partnerships by forging real bonds, and getting to know our clients and their communities. We dive into details, defining your business vision, mission, goals, values and leaders, and identifying local community needs, desires and expectations.


​Morrissey Hospitality is selective in our partnerships and projects. Our extensive discovery process ensures that Morrissey Hospitality is aligned with your unique vision and values and sets us on a path to consistent, reliable results.  Together, we agree on contract length and terms, accept expectations and set aggressive, attainable goals to take your restaurant, hotel or event venue concept to the next level.


​Before the ink is dried, Morrissey Hospitality steps in to do what we do best -- manage, oversee and elevate your unique, individual brand. With 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Morrissey Hospitality provides unparalleled hospitality management for restaurants, hotels, resorts and events spaces. By focusing on operational excellence, Morrissey Hospitality drives performance, exceeds expectations and ensures exceptional results.


Morrissey Hospitality offers clients a catalog of hospitality services to take brands to the next level. With over 25 years of experience and a laser focus on operational excellence, our family of hospitality-driven experts work tirelessly to deliver exceptional experiences and impressive results.

Operations Management:

With decades of experience, Morrissey Hospitality can manage any aspects of concept hospitality operations with expertise and understanding. Our experienced team leads daily, weekly, monthly and long-term operations, including employee recruitment and relations, payroll and accounting, supply and inventory management, payment processing, reservations systems, revenue management event planning, on-site leadership and strategic planning. Morrissey Hospitality’s expert teams work with individual concepts to provide the operational services your business needs to succeed.

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Marketing & Activations:

Morrissey Hospitality’s in-house team of marketing professionals handles your concept’s strategy, creative, public relations, content development, social media, digital media planning, and event planning and sponsorship. We take care of everything from lead generation and increasing conversion, sales initiatives, special events, private event catering and beyond. Morrissey media experts elevate hospitality brands, develop brand loyalty, and grow profits.

Concepting & Brand Development:

Morrissey Hospitality creates iconic, trusted brands and warm, inviting gathering spaces by immersing ourselves in the communities we serve. We analyze market trends and consumer needs, and determine market position. We hone in on process management, and strategize each stage from design and construction to opening to ongoing management. Our teams work collaboratively and strategically to build thoughtful, genuine and long-lasting concepts that center upon authentic, attentive service and consistent, thoughtful execution.

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Financial Services & Information Technology:

The Morrissey Hospitality team of highly trained financial and accounting experts supply daily operations reporting, monthly financial statements, market trends and forecasts, payroll and AP services, annual business plans, financial and capital budgets and more. From reservations to room service, payment processing and checkout, the Morrissey Hospitality IT team designs all interactions and transactions to be safe, simple and error-free.

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Culinary & Beverage Innovation:

Morrissey Hospitality’s culinary & beverage professionals craft  thoughtful F&B programs that focus on fresh ingredients, creative techniques and time-tested tradition.  Our esteemed chefs and beverage directors value innovation over experimentation to enliven diners’ senses and elevate local ingredients and cuisines. Our food and beverage experts create meaningful, memorable experiences for their guests and elevate your culinary programs in ever-competitive markets.

Employee Engagement & Human Resources:

Morrissey Hospitality values genuine connection in our hospitality partners, and believes that people are your most valuable asset. Morrissey-affiliate employee retention rates are well above average for the hospitality industry, and Morrissey Hospitality concepts have been voted Employer of Choice by hospitality professionals. Morrissey Hospitality offers recruitment, retention and advisory services for employers, and comprehensive and certification programs for employees. By investing in your people, you build loyalty, empower your team, and ultimately, elevate your brand.

Procurement Support:

Morrissey Hospitality boasts 13 distinctive, respected brands, and a portfolio of past consulting projects in the dozens. Our procurement specialists administer exacting quality standards and create cost and use analysis systems to ensure efficient inventory, quality control and value projection. And, Morrissey Hospitality partners benefit from our group purchasing power and can leverage existing vendor relationships and terms of agreement.

Start the Conversation

Morrissey Hospitality brings passion, pride and experience to all of our projects and partnerships. Our leadership team is always looking to collaborate with new potential partners in the Midwest markets and around the country.