Driving Profits Through Purpose With Hospitality Management Services in Minneapolis

Updated: November 23

The hospitality industry is currently valued at over $4 billion and is projected to reach $10 billion in the next five years. Such a promising projection produces not only opportunities but also competition.

In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, effective hospitality management strategies and services are essential to sustaining your Minneapolis restaurant or hotel’s restaurant and market share. And with 73% of consumers reporting that an establishment that offers a high-quality experience is likely to get their brand loyalty, maintaining exceptional customer experiences is essential to success.

Keep reading to learn more about three simple yet effective ways to improve your hospitality management services in Minneapolis, and learn how a hospitality management company in the Twin Cities like Morrissey Hospitality can help you enhance customer satisfaction and drive profitability.

Embrace Personalized Service

Many companies and organizations are moving toward digital and AI solutions to streamline their guest experiences, based on the face-to-face, personalized touches that are still essential in hospitality. Guests of all demographics and age groups still expect genuine hospitality and memorable experiences — especially as the costs of goods and services continue to rise.

By embracing – and enhancing — personalized service, you can build brand loyalty and keep customer satisfaction high better than any software program or machine. Offering personalized greetings, remembering guests’ names, and recalling their preferences and specific needs will improve guest satisfaction — driving repeat business and higher revenue. Offering assistance and applying personal details to your hospitality allows guests to enjoy their experiences. In fact, 80% of customers are more inclined to buy food from a restaurant or book a room from a hotel that offers tailored services.

You can then echo these personal touches in your restaurant reservation systems, email lists, and other databases you have. Each entry should contain essential details like the guests’ birthdays, interests, allergies, and dislikes. You can manage settings to send post-stay emails to thank customers for their patronage and ask for constructive feedback.

Partnering with Morrissey Hospitality, a hospitality management services company in Minneapolis, can maximize your success. We offer hospitality management services in Minneapolis including data collection and analysis, marketing and activations, concepting, and brand development services that can help you improve customer satisfaction, develop a personalized customer relationship management (CRM) system, and drive profits for your restaurant, hotel, or other hospitality concept.

Optimize Online Presence and Reputation Management

Gone are the days of renting billboard spaces, buying ads, and distributing fliers to promote your restaurant or hotel. Today, over five billion people use the internet and social media globally, making the digital space the premier place to advertise your hospitality business.

With the increased emphasis on the online space, it is imperative that your concept’s online presence and platforms are up-to-date and optimized. 74% of online consumers say they are likely to engage and return to a site that is compatible with multiple platforms, especially smartphones. With that in mind, websites and applications should be intuitive and user-friendly on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

Moreover, it’s increasingly important that your brand incorporates SEO techniques like keywords and internal and external backlinks and campaigns to generate traffic, gain leads, and increase conversions. Actively engaging with your customers online — responding to feedback and online reviews, using recommendations to improve services, and encouraging dialogue — can help you connect with your community and develop your hospitality business’s online presence.

Morrissey Hospitality’s team of marketing, content, and social media specialists can help you improve your online presence and manage your reputation. Additionally, our experts in information technology, digital media planning, and public relations can help expand your online customer experience, leading to better lead generation

Enhance Staff Training and Empowerment

Regardless of market factors, lavish details, or technological advancements, a key differentiator for your hospitality business is, and always will be, your staff. A well trained, accommodating, and knowledgeable staff can significantly increase customer satisfaction and the overall success of your restaurant or hotel. In fact, 86% of consumers are willing to spend more for a product or service that is accompanied by an excellent customer experience.

In order to make sure your team is trained and always on the same page, it’s important to to conduct regular training sessions, workshops, and meetings to discuss hospitality trends, practices, and products. Likewise, programs to enhance hard and soft skills including communication, problem-solving, product knowledge, and service skills, are important in encouraging career-focused team members. A well executed training system empowers employees to approach their work with confidence and allows them to learn how to make fast decisions, resolve conflicts, and optimize their guest interactions.

Morrissey Hospitality, a hospitality management services company in Minneapolis, can help you create a comprehensive training program and transform your restaurant or hotel’s recruitment campaigns. Our talented team of human resources, marketing, and benefits specialists offers recruitment, retention, and advisory services to hotel and restaurant owners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, and designs, leads, and implements empowering employee engagement programs.


By embracing personalized service, optimizing online presence and reputation management, and enhancing staff training and empowerment, you can improve customer satisfaction and increase the profits of your hospitality enterprise.

Partnering with Morrissey Hospitality will empower you to develop the best hospitality management services in Minneapolis,. For over 25 years, we have been helping hotels, restaurants, and venue clients build their brands. Visit us online or call us at 651-221-0815 to learn more about our process and services.

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