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At Morrissey Hospitality Companies we view the world from the perspective of the guests’ experience. From limited service to five-star, it is this experience and the guests’ perception of value that generate revenue and profitability. Our collective expertise, reputation, and the consistent success of our brands generate numerous opportunities to provide hospitality consulting services to emerging concepts and existing brands.

Our areas of hospitality expertise:

  • Staff Training and Certification
  • Accounting Services
  • Purchasing
  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Hotel Room, Catering and Group / Private Dining Sales
  • Financial Modeling
  • Job Descriptions
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Menu Development
  • Concept / Brand Development
  • Kitchen, Room, Space Design
  • Revenue Management
  • Energy Efficiency
East Bay Suites Resort

We play an active role in creating new brands, restructuring existing brands, and in some cases, developing exit strategies for companies that are simply unable to compete. From concept development, managing restorations, developing solutions for technology and systems implementation, to repositioning ill-conceived concepts, Morrissey Hospitality Companies can consult you in your efforts to achieve profitability.

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Gala at the Saint Paul RiverCentre

We have consulted with a diverse list of hospitality clients in numerous projects from designing a food court for a new government building housing more than 1,100 employees to redesigning the food catering service programs at performing arts centers and museums in Minneapolis costing $100 million to build. Our team of hospitality professionals have consulted with some of the Midwest's top builders, developers, architects, organizations, and companies. We have repositioned existing conference centers in Iowa, designed and built new hotels and resorts, and established best practices for existing clubs, restaurants and catering centers. In each instance, it is our unique approach, dedication to the customers’ experience, and the owners’ desire for profitability that make us a hospitality industry leader.

Paradise Landing Restaurant and Bar on Balsam Lake