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Whether you're building from scratch, renovating or repositioning a struggling property, you will need some professional help along the way. Morrissey Hospitality can handle the project from start to finish, or you can pick and choose only the services you need. Either way, you're the boss. We're just here to make you look good.

Success: Morrissey Hospitality creates partnerships that last - clients who have been with us for over 20 years!


Any successful hospitality property starts with the careful evaluation of the market, a well-defined concept, extensive planning and viability testing before the first nail is struck. From construction to design, menu development, marketing, hiring and training staff, we take care of all the details every step of the way. MHC brings projects in on time and on budget. it's not easy, but we love a good challenge. And that splashy grand opening is just icing on the cake.

Marketing and Sales

A brand isn't a brand if nobody knows about it. When you need expertise in digital media planning, social media, public relations, event planning or sponsorship, our dedicated marketing and sales team focuses on results. Put us to work developing leads and increasing conversion, launching sales initiatives for special events, catering or group private dining, and watch your revenue increase, your brand loyalty and bottom-line profits grow.

Financial and Accounting Services

We didn't get where we are without timely, quantitative and accurate financial information. Armed with web-based reports you can access from your smartphone, as well as a full array of budgeting and reporting tools, you'll have the data and financial systems you need to react quickly to changing business conditions and make sound decisions. We do the math, so you don't have to.

Our highly trained team of financial and accounting experts can supply you with daily operations reporting, monthly financial statements, evolving trends and forecasts, payroll and accounts payable services, annual business plans including financial and capital budgets and more. Daily reconciliations and extensive internal controls are put in place to protect your assets and investment.

Information Technology Support

Guests and employees increasingly expect streamlined digital experiences everywhere they go, and your restaurant, hotel or event center is no exception. From reservations to room service, payment processing and checkout, all transactions and interactions are expected to be safe, simple and error free.

Morrissey Hospitality's IT professionals employ best practices in the support of your property management, point of sale, network, and telecommunications systems. We ensure the safety and security of not only your business data but your guests' as well. MHC employs the best and most current information systems including continuous backups, firewalls and antivirus protection software. In addition to ensuring compliance with payment-card-industry standards, we leverage our portfolio of properties and negotiate competitive fees and services from top merchant card processors. We can also coordinate the purchasing, implementation and maintenance of technology systems at your property.

Property Management

Nothing can ruin a guest experience faster or more completely than a missing light bulb or a dripping faucet. Morrissey Hospitality employees are trained in best practices to maintain the value and success of your property. It starts, of course, with instilling a culture that creates memorable experiences by providing high quality guest services. Behind the scenes at every Morrissey Hospitality property there is a disciplined approach to housekeeping and maintenance, including sets of standard operating procedures combined with regular inspections to maintain that leadership position you worked so hard to get.

Human Resources

Happy employees are your most valuable asset. We're proud to say that our employee retention rates are well above average for the hospitality industry. Voted an employer of choice by hospitality professionals, Morrissey Hospitality offers recruitment and advisory services for employers, and comprehensive training and certification programs for employees. We stress development from within through coaching, communications and a focus on key performance indicators. Competitive compensation, benefits, wellness and experience programs turn jobs into careers. The best employees never stop learning and are well-quipped to deliver results.


Your independent hotel or restaurant may not hold much clout with vendors and suppliers, but under the Morrissey Hospitality umbrella you'll benefit from the combined buying power of a regional, multi-million dollar company. Allow us to handle your purchasing, and you can rest easy knowing you're getting the best negotiated price, and that everything meets our exacting quality standards. Regular analysis of cost-and-use figures ensure the right balance of quality, value and efficient inventory levels.

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