About MHC


Our Vision: To be the Midwest regional leader in the management & ownership of quality hospitality brands.

Who is Morrissey Hospitality Companies?

Morrissey Hospitality Companies (MHC) was founded in 1995 as a full-service hospitality management, development, and hospitality consulting company and has an experienced hospitality management team with a proven track record, boasting more than 1,200 employees. We excel in the full-service environment, providing expertise in hotel operations, restaurant management, and specialty hospitality brands. We deliver Authentic Hospitality to our guests, profit to our clients, and brand growth and position to each property.


Authentic Hospitality

Morrissey Hospitality Companies was born out of passion and appreciation for heartfelt service, which we call “Authentic Hospitality." When it came to providing top quality, full-service hotel operations, restaurant and food and beverage management, the players were few. We recognized a need in the marketplace for consulting as well as full hospitality development and management with depth, diversity and creativity. Owners are looking for staying power and long-term relationships. Today, the trend is moving toward unique hospitality experiences that capture the imagination of the guest, as travelers seek out high quality and memorable hospitality brands.

Awards & Recognition

At Morrissey Hospitality Companies, we don't build just brands, we build award winners. That is what we are hired to do. Awards translate to profits and consistent winners bring record profits, and that is our goal. But these awards don't belong to us, they belong to you and so do the profits.

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In the Community

We are in the business of serving others, and we strive to give back to the community and people who have been so kind to embrace our brands. We know that strong communities begin with strong families and safe homes. Morrissey Hospitality is committed to supporting programs that work to improve our community.